Summer and Art

Summer and Art Claude Monet (French, 1840–1926) | Vétheuil in Summer 1880 Oil on canvas 60 x 99.7 cm The … (tovább…)

Musée d’Orsay – Paris

Musée d’Orsay – Paris View from the top of Musée d’Orsay I spent only 5 days this year in Paris. … (tovább…)

Spring in Art

Spring in Art We are waiting for Spring. Winter was cold and too long in this year. Spring is nice … (tovább…)

The Met Breuer – New York | UNFINISHED

UNFINISHED Thoughts Left Visible The Met Breuer – New York MARCH 18, 2016–SEPTEMBER 4, 2016 I visited Met Breuer on … (tovább…)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York – 2

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York 27 August 2016 – 2st part  19th and early 20th century masterpieces … (tovább…)

VIEW TO THE PAST | Artists with other Celebrities

Artists with other Celebrities In this post can You see famous artists – from Renoir to Balthus – with famous wirters, … (tovább…)

VIEW TO THE PAST | Artists out of Atelier

Artists out of Atelier Where are the Artists when they are not in own Ateliers? I collected some options. Enjoy … (tovább…)

VIEW to the PAST | Ateliers on Paintings

  Ateliers on Paintings Now I collected some paintings of artists’ studios. Enjoy 🙂 See more atelier’s posts here 1st … (tovább…)

Artworks in Movies & Filmstars with Artworks

Artworks in Movies & Filmstars with Artworks Did You know how many Artworks appear in Movies? I collected a few movies … (tovább…)

Artists in own Ateliers | 12

Artists in own Ateliers | 12 A Facebook oldalamon [Jadea Art on Facebook] indítottam egy sorozatot, ahol olyan felvételeket gyűjtöttem össze … (tovább…)

London 2015 – The National Gallery

The National Gallery – London  04 07 2015 Few of my Photos at The National Gallery in London on 04 07 2015. … (tovább…)