The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York – 3

An art historian museologist as visitor at The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York 2 September 2016 Modern and Contemporary … (tovább…)

Artist as Daddy

Artists Dads I shared post about Artists with own families, and now I collected some photos of Artists – Rothko, Picasso, … (tovább…)

MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art – New York

MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art New York 31 August 2016 I spent more than two weeks this year in New … (tovább…)

VIEW TO THE PAST | Artists with Family

Artists with own Family Paul Gauguin French, Paris 1848–1903 Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands Paul Gauguin and his children Emil … (tovább…)

VIEW TO THE PAST | Artists out of Atelier

Artists out of Atelier Where are the Artists when they are not in own Ateliers? I collected some options. Enjoy … (tovább…)

Artworks in Movies & Filmstars with Artworks

Artworks in Movies & Filmstars with Artworks Did You know how many Artworks appear in Movies? I collected a few movies … (tovább…)

Artists in own Ateliers | 6

Artists in own Ateliers | 6 A Facebook oldalamon [Jadea Art on Facebook] indítottam egy sorozatot, ahol olyan felvételeket gyűjtöttem … (tovább…)