HUMOR with ART 5

HUMOR with ART Creative Quarantine and Funny Art Memes in the Coronavirus Times I decided to share in the quarantine … (tovább…)

Atelier des Lumiéres – Paris

Atelier des Lumiéres – Paris On 29 May 2019 I was at Atelier des Lumiéres, in Paris. The light projection … (tovább…)

Summer and Art

Summer and Art Claude Monet (French, 1840–1926) | Vétheuil in Summer 1880 Oil on canvas 60 x 99.7 cm The … (tovább…)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York – 2

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York 27 August 2016 – 2st part  19th and early 20th century masterpieces … (tovább…)

MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art – New York

MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art New York 31 August 2016 I spent more than two weeks this year in New … (tovább…)