The Nature of ARP


Jean (Hans) Arp Exhibition

Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice | 13 April – 2 September, 2019

 “I was born in nature. I draw things that recline, drift, ripen, fall.” – Jean (Hans) Arp

This exhibition will investigate in depth the achievements of one of the most important and multifaceted artists of the modern era, Jean (Hans) Arp (1886-1966) founder of the Dada movement and pioneer of abstraction, whose experimental approach to creation, radical rethinking of traditional art forms, and collaborative proclivities resonate with the wide-ranging character of art today.

Here I share any pictures of my photos about exhibition. There were taken on 10 May 2019. Welcome to the nature art world of Arp.

About Jean (Hans) Arp

Artist Jean (Hans) Arp was born in 1886 in Strasbourg, the capital city of Alsace. This region was claimed alternately by Germany and France because of changing borders caused by World War I and World War II. Arp’s given name was Hans, but he later chose to go by the French equivalent, “Jean,” reflecting the shifting cultural and personal identity he experienced in his lifetime.

Details of exhibition